Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Why choose the correct domain name?

Utube vs Youtube.
Both are specialist of tubes, but no the same ones. And the first companie sues the other one. This complaint is justified by the explosion of the costs generated by the mistakes of the Internet users.
The traffic of the specialist of the tube (real tube :) actually increased from 1,500 guests per month to more than 2millions. The host of the website couldn't cope with this important increase. Such as Utube.com had to pay a lot of money to get proper structure.
2 millions of guest per month!! What a chance for a website. But Utube.com cannot sell tube to persons who want to see the trailler of the next spyderman :(

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VĂ­ctor Cegarra said...

This concretely case that you are explaining is really exceptional. It can be seen as a negative externality. However, it is most common to see the oposite case: when companies try to emulate the names of a known company to get some audience. For example, although Google has bought almost all possible combinations of the domain, you can still find some "similar" domains created ex-post just to attract audience. If you type: "www.gooooooooogle.com", you will find a Webpage created just to get revenues from people clicking on advertising. I think this is the most common case, when some little companies try to make profit taking advantage of big companies in the web.