Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I'am a French cybertizen!!!

The second round of the french presidential election will take place next sunday but there is already one winner: Me, You,US :The cybermilitant and other bloggers .
In few month, Internet has changed the face of the traditional militant. For a long time, we were passive, spectators of the campaign where the general staff used us as onlookers. But due to the Internet, we became more than an actor, we became real activists.

Even if the blogs didn't have a strong impact on the votes, they gave a participative role to thousands of citizens wanting to speak without the bundaries of the official guidelines and the traditionnal stonewalling of the television studio and radio talk-show.

Mobilized on the blogs or forums, the new militant completes the arguments of the campaign, starts debates, takes part in the buzz. Then, the information goes up to the head of the party where the multimedia responsibles have strategic positions.
We can find these militants on all the formats, even on Second life!

The hardest thing is to evaluate the real value of this army of mouse and screen who made what we call in France "the other campaign". Since few years, citizens gives up the politic what could be seen through very low participation rates in the elections. But investing in the virtual politic is maybe the same than giving up the real one. Maybe it is the limit to the political involvement via the Enter touch?

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