Wednesday, 7 March 2007

What does digitalization enable you ?

If you go study in France one day, you would be surprised by the number of laptops in classroom: Maybe one or two for 200 students. French are not reticent to innovation (if a laptop can still be considered as an innovation :) but in our society, manuscript is still very important (you will never see a cover letter typed on a keyboard!)

For me, digitalization primary refers to text. The first thing I used with a computer was Word, much more before any games and Internet.

This video found through Youtube show us what happened since the old manuscript paper we did few years ago !!!


Lan said...

I enjoyed the video very much. Probably will show it to the class sometime.

VĂ­ctor Cegarra said...

I agree with you.

Digitalization has a lot of benefits. It allows us to quickly find information, to store huge amounts of information in little physic space, to share it easily with an unbelievable population size...but however, there are still some characteristics that paper has, and that people value. Mainly, you don't need a device to see the information, and also you can easily transport this information from a place to another.

We still have to see what the future can provide us and softer devices must be a solution, like the digital paper of Fujitsu. You can see it here: